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everett, ke/kim/kis or they/them, nonbinary, fictive. read bio and dni

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you can find me appreciating all forms of oddish

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Petition to bring back 2005 emo culture in the 2020s so we can call that decade the rawring 20s

my cat snufkin,,, an angel

i'm gay, give me money.


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The Sims 4 Base Game Available FREE for a Limited Time!

You can [REDEEM IT HERE](https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/the-sims/the-sims-4 "The Sims 4 on Origin) until May 28th!!

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Some truscum: “Nonbinary” genders aren’t scientific. What does a “genderqueer” person even transition into?

Me: this actually

Pretty asks for pretty words

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Dulcet: Have you ever actually been in love? Have you ever lied about being in love?

Quintessential: If your life were a book, what would the title be? What would the cover look like?

Incipient: Do you consider yourself "older" yet? Do you miss being a kid?

Moiety: Who do you consider your family? Are they biologically related to you? Or is it an emotional relation?

Mellifluous: What's a song that reminds you of yourself? Why do you relate to it?

Languor: Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Is it hard for you to fall asleep?

Petrichor: What's your favorite season? Why do you like it?

Aesthete: Do you prefer being outside or being inside?

Effervescence: What's better: tea or coffee? Or do you prefer something else?

Becoming: Are you insecure about your looks? Why or why not?

Ephemeral: What's a good memory from your childhood? What makes it so memorable?

Illicit: Have you ever done any drugs? Do you enjoy them?

Sonder: Do you ever worry about strangers? Do you care about people who don't know you?

Incandescence: How much do you know about stars? Do you know any constellations?

Propensity: What's a quirk of yours that people find endearing? Do you like it?

Inure: Do you have any mental illnesses? How well do you cope?

Easeful: What type of socks do you normally wear? Do they match? How long/short are they?

Palimpsest: If you could go back and fix one past mistake, what would it be?

Serendipity: What do you want your future to be like? What do you think it will actually be like?

Petrichor: How do you feel about rain? Is it relaxing or stressful to you?

Dalliance: How easily do you let yourself love other people? Is it different if the love is platonic instead of romantic?

Limerence: Does anybody love you? Why do you think they love you?

Harbinger: Do you believe in fate or destiny? Why or why not?

Iridescent: What's your favorite color? Why do you feel drawn to it?

Hiraeth: What does home mean to you? Why is that what it means? Do you have a home?

Bucolic: Is being in crowds stressful for you? Do you like crowds or do you prefer empty places?

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Sure let's go

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Britney Spears | Toxic

Please rise for the national anthem!

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Hey, so, medical side of Waterfall. I have a problem. When I close my eyes, I can’t see?? Is this like a vitamin problem??

If it helps, I have two eyes, and when my eyes aren’t closed I can usually see.

Asking for a friend, here.

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I diagnose you with eyelids

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Reblog this post so we can try to find all the blogs on here and follow each other!

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i was in a homestuck mood uwu

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disc horses are an invasive species

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Hot take. Demisexual people are real and need not only more representation but also more recognition and understanding.

If you think demisexuality is "normal", then I regret to inform you that things such as one night stands, hookups, "love at first sight", and even Tinder dating are considered "normal" but would be practically impossible for people who are demisexual, as they usually don't even form a romantic bond with a person until they are emotionally close to the person which can take months or years, and usually for there to be sexual attraction for a demisexual person, there needs to be romantic attraction too. They may only genuinely love a few if not one or two people in their whole life.


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this website is dope when are we gonna start kin drama on it

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very cool and epic meme which i encourage you to share with your friends, family and coworkers

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after reading one post i realised we need to talk more about bisexual struggles, there's more than just biphobia

there's identity struggle because of supposedly gendered relationship roles

there's being traumatised by bad dating experience with one particular gender and wondering if you're still bi or are you betraying the communtiy by only dating the people you feel safe around

there's the feeling you're "not good/strong/pretty/gay enough" for a person of a particular gender to like you ever, but being told not to feel bad about it because you can always "resort" to other option like they are inherently better or worse and completely lose yourself and your own feelings

there's society treating you based on your partner's gender allthough you have always been you

there's society and/or communties teaching you that everyone of particular gender will end up hurting you and you need to "pick a side" already

it's constantly wondering if you truly belong anywhere

and yeah, i'm saying "particular gender" because it absolutely goes both ways.

you're not alone in this. it's okay to be you, and nobody else.

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i still dont know why wonderbread is a fetish and i thank god every day i remain in blissful ignorance

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It's.... a fetish? What

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Are you perhaps referring to this infamous dude?: https://i.redd.it/y49do3ob0mj01.jpg

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i knew i was tempting fate and now thell has suffered for my hubris.......

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trans rights are human rights

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Had a dream that I was fighting with some dude about the pronunciation of GIF

and we went back and forth for a bit and then he goes “Well the creator of GIF pronounces it “JIF”, so HA”

And I turned straight Machiavellan, looked into his eyes, and said “the word of God means nothing to a non-believer” and I woke up

@ the one active mutual i have i've known you for one day but i appreciate you.

gay brain: people with pink hair are cute homestuck brain: people with pink hair are roxy